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A Little About Me

My Story

My name is Ayesha and I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master and a Certified ThetaHealers®. My journey towards hypnotherapy and energy healing is the one guided by intuition. I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering and held an administrative position in a private clinic since 2009. In 2012, I was suffering from the side effect of medications I was taking and developed a problem that no doctor could treat. I had to look for a different approach to find comfort for my problem and that brought me to the alternate medicine and let me tell you. Yes! it works!!


Having worked with alternate therapies to heal myself, 2017 was the year that changed my life. 

There were many times when I would feel intense heat in both of my palms. Upon research, I discovered that this was actually the reiki energy that was moving through my hands. I spoke to a Reiki master who guided me and worked on enhancing my intuition and finally that led to the path of becoming a Reiki Master myself. With my goal to help my clients find comfort, I learnt other modalities of alternate therapies.

I am certified Hypnotherapist from Michigan, with specialisation in the Past life Regression and ThetaHealing . I am a certified ThetaHealer (a  world renown healing method that was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995). I also hold the certification of a Akashic Record reader.


All of my knowledge empowers me to become a better facilitator of healing. I feel great joy in seeing  my clients achieve their goals and feel comfort from the problems they are facing. Having trained in Holistic Therapies, I have always been an advocate for Complimentary Therapies to support positive health and well-being.  I have lived in Michigan with my husband since 1999 and am an enormously proud mother of two adult sons and a daughter. As my children have now grown up, I welcome this liberating and exciting time of life. My life purpose is to help guide people who are feeling lost, stuck and facing difficulties, to a place of greater well-being.




My approach is to work on a one-to-one basis either in person, online or on phone, so we can build a strong client-therapist rapport. This will facilitate us to explore conscious and subconscious techniques to create profound, lasting transformation to enhance all aspects of your life. I work on helping people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives, I listen carefully, ask questions gently and then design a program that is just for you. All too often, people I’ve worked with are amazed at how they have been able to transform the negative behaviors of a lifetime in just a few sessions. I will be there for you every step of your journey, guiding you through your emotional healing.  My goal is to inspire and empower you to move forward to where you want to be in your life. All of my sessions last about an hour . The first session also include 15 minutes consultation if its not done on phone.

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